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mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017
10 km

A natural setting of extraordinary beauty, a fascinating archaeological area in the heart of the Sinai Peninsula, overlooking a terrace overlooking the sea: this is the ancient city of Tharros, San Giovanni di Sinis, near Cabras (Oristano). A site of the most important in the Mediterranean, that fascinates visitors and scholars, because it continues to give new ideas for analysis and reconstruction.

Driving along the roads that wind through the ruins of this Phoenician-Punic city before (VIII sec. BC), are testimonials substantially related aspect funerary and votive two necropolis and the Tophet, the typical Phoenician-Punic sanctuary. Most of the remains belong instead to the Roman domination, as the spa (including a apodyterium, a vast frigidarium, a tepidarium three calidaria), the castellum aquae (an aqueduct distribution tank of the city) and the cardo , (the ancient Roman paved road that was the largest city street), characterized by still sewage canalisation in excellent condition.

The city was inhabited until the mid-eleventh century A.D., when, being too exposed to attacks of the Saracens, was abandoned in favor of Aristiane, the current Oristano.